Dairy Protein (Caseinates and WPC)

Cream Liquor Bases

Encapsulated Fats (Whitening Agents, Creamers and Air Entrenching Agents)

Emulsifiers, Stabilizers



Tackifying Resins, Thermoplastic Ftalat-Free Resins, Rosin Ester, Plastifying Ftalat-Free Resins

Xanthan Gum (Industrial), Gellan Gum (Industrial), Pectin, Carrageenan, CMC

Polyethylene Waxes

Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Therpolymers-Advanced Polyolefins, Adhesives for Three-layered Pipes

Cellulosics (MC, HEC, HPMP), Air entraining agents, Powder defoamers, hydrophobically modified hydroxyethylcellulose (HMHEC), Non-Ionic synthetic associative thickeners (HMPE), surfactant and wetting agents, foam control agents, pH modifiers, CMC, PVPP, softening agents, stain removing agents, color protection and transfer inhibitors, surface cleaning agents, film formers, solvents (M-Pyrol)

Calf Milk Replacer, Piglet Iniciators

Dru cheese powder, Dry milk powder, Speciality dairy seasonings, Sweet whey powder

Meat protein